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Basic calculator in c language

basic calculator in c language

If none of the operator matches with the input operator then it prints an error message on screen.
If you merely need to output a string with a newline here or there, use the built-in puts function; it automatically outputs a string with a newline on the end (and you can add more if needed).
Operator is not correct return 0; atlas de anatomia humana frank h netter pdf Output, enter an operator.
Since, the operator * matches the case case the control of the program jumps to printf.1lf *.1lf.1lf firstNumber, secondNumber, firstNumber * secondNumber This statement calculates the product and displays it on the screen.I believe that the arithmetic functions should only handle performing the arithmetic; all the I/O should be handled by main function (I have save game spiderman 2 pc been taught that this is a good practice, although I do not have a source right now).Only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division -, * and operators are allowed, for any other operator it prints error message on screen.This program first takes two integer operands and an arithmetic operator as input from user.This program takes an arithmetic operator, / international dialing codes for usa from australia and two operands from the user and performs the calculation on the two operands depending upon the operator entered by the user.break; printf n n while(choice!5 choice!For example, this line: printf You entered Additionnn Becomes: puts You entered Additionn.Divisionn This is also faster as you don't have to call a function 5 times.Program Output, enter two numbers as operands 9 3, enter an arithemetic operator(-.00.00.00 Enter two numbers as operands.0 3, enter an arithemetic operator(- *.00 *.00.00.H int main char operator; double firstNumber, secondNumber; printf Enter an operator, scanf c operator printf Enter two operands: scanf lf lf firstNumber, secondNumber switch(operator) case printf.1lf.1lf.1lf firstNumber, secondNumber, firstNumber secondNumber break; case '- printf.1lf -.1lf.1lf firstNumber, secondNumber, firstNumber - secondNumber break; case printf.1lf *.1lf.1lf.Write a C program to make a simple calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers using switch statement.And, the two operands,.5 and.5 are stored in variables firstNumber and secondNumber respectively.The operator is stored in a character variable 'operator'.