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Bt home hub 3 serial number

bt home hub 3 serial number

Home Hub V2 units is printed on a sticker on the back of the Home Hub, labeled "Admin password".
In what there can be a problem?
Json, LuCI may display ports in various orders (matching the labels/matching the swconfig numbering/not matching anything) and may or may not list the WAN port even though it's available via swconfig.
Installation over serial To install OpenWrt on your HH5A or to recover from a failed u-boot flash you can boot the device via uart (serial console).Add us to iTunes.Notes about this quirky layout: According to swconfig eth0 is the (only) interface through which the switch is configured, yet if you want to see traffic on switch port 5 (WAN) you'll need to add it [email protected] iso burner 2.1 to a vlan and you'll see the traffic.VPI/VCI: 0 /.Wireless channel: Automatic /.Json with the following.You can do this from a desktop or laptop that has a working connection to the Home Hub.I have tried a 1gb and 2 gb stick and no luck at all.260M free space) - note that this takes quite some time ( 1/2 hour) mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ nanddump -f /mnt/nddump /dev/mtd6 dd if/dev/mtd6 of/mnt/ Method #2: backup to another computer on the network using netcat.Power it off and on again and you should see lede booting Switch Case label swconfig/kernel port number WAN (red) 5 - 6 (CPU) - 3 (unused) Depending on your version of LuCI and your /etc/board.Line profile: Interleaved.From a connected machine, use the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) and from the web browser address bar, enter the address: http bthomehub.Go to Start Run enter CMD and press Enter, then enter ping xxxx.Wireless network/ssid: BTHub3-P6GJ.It work with PPPoE?LAN and WAN may have been separated this way to avoid "tx ring" kernel errors ; more clarity needed.Resistor number Function Info Notes R77 Serial TX Bottom of the board, below the nand flash You can also solder to the pad right of it R78 Serial RX Below R78 You can also solder to the pad right of it R45 boot_sel2 Vertically mounted.