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Cod 5 game save editor ps3

cod 5 game save editor ps3

Plug the usb back into the PS3.
Delete everything in the file.Check off Enable Game Save Editing.Bind Controls: *Dpad right says message *Dpad left Gives all weapons and gives ammo *Dpad up turns on noclip *Dpad down turns on godmode and promod.Put the.cfg file at the root of the usb (not in a folder/computer/usb).Open the Cod5 tool.Materials needed: *usb *PS3 *Call of Duty World at War *Computer/Laptop, how to install PS3 only:.Go to file/open a gamesave then open yours(usb/PS3/savedata/Your code).Then When its done copying play WAW and your done.Plug your usb into your PS3.Then go to Game/Saved Data Utility (PS3 Usb/Then copy the modded gamesave and say yes for everything.Should load up fine.Copy your gamesave to the usb (if you dont know how look it up).CTAmbush-, -FlameK-, -JM-, Adam, apocalyp, BHLxEvilControl, BishAreForFags, bluedrib, cathacks, Creepz, CrimsonEcho, Dark Nero, DarkElite9613, DazedMods, julian_1234, F l e x, Artsy, Feraligatr92, FrenchParadiise, gabricric94x, Gian gunna44, Gus Fring, Guzman, Hack-Tivision, Hacks 'n' Mods, HarryxXQuickscope, have fun, homeedog, Callumeleyy, iMiiKeYx, iOdysseus, iprofamily, IVI40A3Fusionz, JkImNotFaze, jmk1967, Jordan.Type in the folder windows 7 home premium product key generator v 1.6 (gpado_F) exec "./././dev_usb000/g".I finished waw binds for online including godmode, noclip, give all, promod, and advertisement for.Download a application called Cod5 tool/Cod5 gamesave editor (look up a download).